1. Format of /etc/hosts on Linux (different from Windows?) - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

    You always want the address to resolve first to localhost. If there is a domain you can use that too, but then make sure localhost is listed second. If you want to add aliases for your machine that will lookup to the loopback address you can keep adding them as space separated values on that line.


  2. Can I create a user-specific hosts file to complement /etc/hosts? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

    • Perhaps a user-specific hosts file? This mechanism should also complement the entries in the /etc/hosts file.


  3. Hostname and IP address mapping in /etc/hosts - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

    • The host (and nslookup) utilities explicitly query DNS servers, and do not consult the /etc/hosts file in a default system configuration. If you were to traceroute or ping that address, you would see it correctly resolve.


  4. etc/hosts Explanation - Linux Mint Community

    • Okay, I might have went a little overboard on that, but it's very important to learn - you need to be able to manage your hosts correctly when running a server. Tags: hosts network net ifconfig host /etc/hosts Created: 7 years ago.


  5. Block Access to Websites on a Mac by Modifying /etc/hosts

    • Blocking websites in ETC HOSTS File of a Mac. 3) Now save the file in nano by hitting control-o and the return key. Note that you may need to run the following command for changes to take effect: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache This flushes your DNS cache.


  6. etc/hosts modification does not work properly. What to do? - Ask Ubuntu

    You changed /etc/hosts between having and not having the entry for adobe.com and it worked everytime you changed it. But then you went with firefox, it might have worked the first time, but after changing hosts file back and forth it somehow stop working.


  7. macos - Why is Safari ignoring my /etc/hosts file? - Ask Different

    • My solution was to make /etc/hosts a hard link.
    • example.com 0:0:0:0:0:FFFF:0A00:0117 example.com. As soon as I added the IPV6 entry, both Firefox and Safari started hitting the correct (local) server.


  8. filesystem - What is the use of /etc/hosts? - Ask Ubuntu

    This example only contains entries for the loopback addresses of the system and their host names, a typical default content of the hosts file. The example illustrates that an IP address may have multiple host names, and that a host name may be mapped to several IP addresses.


  9. [ubuntu] /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname | Forum

    • The /etc/hosts file accepts alias names (see red above). You can use either one with ping but it will always resolve to the hostname and IP address you mapped. You can see that here.


  10. networking - Modifying /etc/hosts does not have an effect - Ask Ubuntu

    In order to test this out, try performing a dns check from a terminal such as. Ping bing.com. You should get it replying back from If this works then your hosts file change is good, but it's just cached in your browser.


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