1. hosts(5) - Linux manual page | etc/hosts

    • etc/hosts file or hostname lookup, and frees a host from relying on /. etc/hosts being up to date and complete. In modern systems, even though the host table has been superseded by.


  2. Managing DNS locally with /etc/hosts | Benjamin Cane

    • Using the /etc/hosts file to give a human readable name to a local system within a desktop environment is perfectly reasonable.


  3. etc/hosts Explanation - Linux Mint Community

    • I haven't seen much of a plain tutorial about setting up /etc/hosts around, so I hope some people get some use out of this.


  4. filesystem - What is the use of /etc/hosts? - Ask Ubuntu

    For example, a typical hosts file may contain the following: # This is an example of the hosts file. localhost loopback ::1 localhost.


  5. The /etc/hosts file

    • 9.7. The /etc/hosts file. As your machine gets started, it will need to know the mapping of some hostnames to IP addresses before DNS can be referenced.


  6. Block Access to Websites on a Mac by Modifying /etc/hosts

    • Well, a quick and efficient way to block access to specified sites is by editing the /etc/hosts file, which has the added bonus of providing system wide results.


  7. How to Edit the Hosts File in Mac OS X with Terminal

    • When finished, hit Control+O followed by ENTER/RETURN to save changes to /private/etc/hosts, then hit Control+X to exit out of nano.


  8. Generate /etc/hosts with Ansible · GitHub

    • # Idempotent way to build a /etc/hosts file with Ansible using your Ansible hosts inventory for a source. # Will include all hosts the playbook is run on.


  9. etc/hosts file refer to another configuration file - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

    The format for /etc/hosts is quite simple, and doesn't support including extra files. There are a couple approaches you could use instead: Set up a (possibly local-only) DNS server.


  10. Using an /etc/hosts file for custom domains during development | Acquia Help Center

    • Your browser uses entries in the /etc/hosts file to override the IP-address-to-URL mapping returned by a DNS server. This is useful for testing DNS (domain name system)...


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