1. 170 (number) - Wikipedia

    170 (one hundred [and] seventy) is the natural number following 169 and preceding 171. 170 is the smallest n for which φ(n) and σ(n) are both square (64 and 324 respectively). But 170 is never a solution for φ(x), making it a nontotient. Nor is it ever a solution to x - φ(x), making it a noncototient.


  2. 170 год — Википедия

    170 (сто семидесятый) год по юлианскому календарю — невисокосный год, начинающийся в воскресенье. Это 170 год нашей эры, 170 год 1 тысячелетия, 70 год II века, 10 год 7-го десятилетия II века, 1 год 170-х годов. Консулы Гай (Секст?)


  3. 170 (число) — Википедия

    Эта статья — о числе 170. О годе см. 170 год; о годе до н. э. см. 170 год до н. э.. 170 (сто семьдесят) — натуральное число, расположенное между числами 169 и 171. 170 — является чётным трёхзначным числом.


  4. 170 - Wikipedia

    Year 170 (CLXX) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Clarus and Cornelius (or, less frequently, year 923 Ab urbe condita).


  5. 170 - Vikipedi

    Claudius Aelianus, Yunanca yazmış Romalı yazar ve retorik (belagat) öğretmeni.


  6. N170 - Wikipedia

    The N170 is a component of the event-related potential (ERP) that reflects the neural processing of faces. When potentials evoked by images of faces are compared to those elicited by other visual stimuli, the former show increased negativity 130-200 ms after stimulus presentation.


  7. AJ170 - YouTube

    I Make iOS, Android, PlayStation, & Xbox Tutorials! Like Glitches, Piracy, Tips, Tricks, News, And Much Much More! If You Would Like Me To Make A Video On So...


  8. Cessna 170 - Wikipedia

    The Cessna 170 is a light, single-engined, general aviation aircraft produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company between 1948 and 1956. The 170 is the predecessor of the Cessna 172, which is the most produced aircraft in history.


  9. 170 cm in feet and inches

    • 170 cm in feet and inches =.


  10. RD-170 - Wikipedia

    The RD-170 (РД-170, Ракетный Двигатель-170, Rocket Engine-170) is the world's most powerful liquid-fuel rocket engine, designed and produced in the Soviet Union by NPO Energomash for use with the Energia launch vehicle.


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